Career Scope of Advanced Excel

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Course Structure

Working with Excel Files,Entering data,Working with numbers,Formatting data,Managing your data in excel worksheet,Working with text and date,Manipulating data,Working with charts,Abs,Concatenate,Exp,Exact,Fact,GCD,Int,LCM,Left,Len,Lower,Max,Mid,Mod,Now,
Power,Proper,Replace,Rept,Right,Round,Search,Sqrt,Today,Trim,Upper,Conditional Formatting,Find,Forecast,And,OR,Correl,Ceiling,Frequency,Round,Round Up,Round Down,working with Salary Sheet,Absolute & Relative Cell References,Multiple IF Function,Sparklines (Line,Column,Win/Loss),working with Pivot Table,Pivot Chart,Slicer,Timeline,Power View,Power Pivot,Solver,Formula Auditing,Sorting,Filter,Advanced Filter,Data Validation,Consolidate,What Is Analysis(Goal Seek,Scenario Manager),Subtotal,Text To Columns,Remove Duplicates,Freeze Panes,Istext,Isnumber,N Formula,Vlookup,Hlookup,Istext With Vlookup,Isnumber With Vlookup,Vlookup In Same Sheet,Vlookup In Deferent Sheet,CountA,Count Blank,Count If,Sumif,Sumifs,Choose,PMT & FV,IPMTt & PPMT,MACROS,Printing excel files,Managing Excel files,Grouping and outlining data,Shortcut keys and references,etc.

  • Course fees Rs.7500/

Learning Outcomes:

Understand the use of Excel Functions
Gain Insights from vast array of data with ease
Make powerful dashboards
Analyse data like a professional
Understand shortcut techniques for faster and efficient use of Excel

MS Excel has many advantages to those who are working with multinational companies utilizing different advanced excel formulas and functions while preparing ready MIS reports for their organizations. Excel is widely used to make financial statements, and other types of financial reports, for example, budget, forecast, ratio analysis, financial modeling, business scenario and various other reports. MS Excel users around the globe utilize this program effectively by creating many workbooks, preparing complicated reports that contain various links between workbooks briefly using formulas, MIS reports like balance sheets, profit and loss account & trial balance.

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