best data entry course in Kolkata

What are the job prospects of the data entry operator?

There are huge openings for data entry operators, there are over 5 lacs job opening every year in small, medium, large firms. Even the government will be recruiting for the data entry operators. Currently, there are over 50,000 data entry operator vacancies in West Bengal. Don’t be too late to grab the opportunity as fast as you can.

The curriculum of Data Entry Courses:

Here is the data entry course curriculum, there are many data entry courses but this Course covered in every data entry course:-

Computer Fundamentals




Getting known to excel

Functions in MS Excel

Intermediate formula knowledge

Knowledge of essential formulas

Optimization of data

Presenting and reporting the data

Preparing to deploy

Validation of data

Data analysis

Basic knowledge of functions, formulas used,

Creating, editing, formatting and managing the data in cells in spreadsheets

PDF,image file conversation examples

Use of Internet for Project.

*** Computer Typing.

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